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Stream Networks Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband services are the ideal solution for businesses that require enhanced upload speed for VPN, Voice, Cloud Computing, or customers looking for an SDSL or Leased Line replacement.

FTTC offers a throughput of up to 80Mbs down and 20Mbs up and is available at less than half the cost of traditional SDSL connectivity. FTTP provides speeds of up to 330Mbs downstream and 100Mbs upstream.

Stream Networks Fibre broadband solutions are available at over 2000 exchanges nationwide, and all come with low contention ratios, ensuring that your business receives the best possible service and speed available.

FTTC Explained:

• FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) uses fibre optic cable from the telephone exchange to a local roadside cabinet; this then connects to a standard phone line allowing broadband connection.
• Download speeds of up to 80Mbs and upload speeds of up to 20Mbs.
• Available to over 66% of the country.


• Uses fibre cable which is less liable to degradation.
• Reduces the overall length of the copper line, increasing speeds and reliability.
• Cost effective manner of high reliability broadband.


A quicker and more reliable connection, with a range of great value packages and costs to meet the demands of your business.


• Why am I not getting the download and upload speeds promised?
The speeds that you receive will be affected by the distance to the nearest cabinet and the quality of the copper wiring.

FTTP Explained

• FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) offers full fibre connection from the exchange to the end users premises.
• Download speeds of up to 330Mbs and upload speeds of 30Mbs.
• High speed and reliable as the fibre comes right into your premises.
• Uses 100% fibre cable which is less liable to degradation and interference.

  • We approached Stream Networks to upgrade our old VPN to a fully managed MPLS network in order to improve performance and we haven’t looked back since. Our offices are now connected and monitored 24x7x365, all backed up by great support from the team at Stream Networks
    Ravin Mardy - IT - Park
  • When faced with an office move, with a timescale of 1 month; to a site with no infrastructure, Stream Networks stepped up to the challenge. We were up and running before the month was up; delivered on time and within budget!
    Cath Matthews - Head - Radical
  • Our community centre needed a connectivity solution delivered within budget, whilst ensuring essential details such as internet safety were implemented. Stream Networks listened to our specific requirements, and guided us seamlessly through this process, they were fantastic though out.
    Dave Roberts - IT - Rose

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