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Month: January 2020

Stream - The digital backbone to your business

Deciding what failover is right for your business

The world is growing ever more dependent on the internet. Which means the need for an “always-on” connection has never been greater. In this blog, Stream analyses the Leased Line failover options businesses have as they strive for 100% uptime. Broadband Failover Going back a decade or so, it was commonplace for businesses to implement…
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Cloud – is it all about price?

The Cloud and Virtual Server market has exploded in the past decade. There is more choice now than ever before, which begs the question – how do you decide what Cloud you should be using? Its simply human nature to be influenced by price so we asked ourselves the question, what else should you consider…
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Why the Cloud is the perfect environment to host apps and websites

Following on from our recent blog post which explored what you can host in the Cloud, we wanted to drill down to a market by market/service by service approach which details why the Cloud is the perfect fit for each and every business or service.First in the series, we explore why the cloud is the…
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Why you should use a network aggregator?

The channel is loaded with suppliers offering very similar products which makes it harder to identify where they actually differ. One of the key choices any business who wishes to sell connectivity services is whether to use a Network Operator or a Network Aggregator as their supplier. In this blog, we explore why you should…
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Blog: What can a Cloud Virtual Server actually do?

So you’ve heard all about how great the Cloud is. You’ve read endless amounts of social media posts and blogs detailing how “you are being left behind” and “how the cloud can save your business money” but you still aren’t sure what you can actually use it for. Good news – you are not alone.…
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