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DDoS Protection / DDoS Scrubbing

DDoS Protection - Secure your Network

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is when an overwhelming level of traffic is purposely channelled to an online service resulting in negative performance.

They are becoming more and more commonplace, and worryingly more and more sophisticated. This means there has never been a more relevant time to protect your networks.

DDoS attacks use a network of botnets, which are infected computers to launch attacks against any target. Once infected, these botnets will try to overwhelm targets by sending high volumes of connection requests or random data. A DDoS attack that can take down a small company for a week can be purchased for just $150.

Using our peering partners, our DDoS Protection is able to route traffic through specific routes so that all inbound traffic gets “scrubbed” meaning that a customer can stay online during attacks. Scrubbing takes place in a scrubbing centre where traffic is analysed with malicious traffic being removed. When the traffic is analysed the attack traffic will be filtered out while clean traffic will be passed on for delivery.

The Stream Networks DDoS Protection Scrubbing centre has the ability to handle high volumes of traffic, with it being a virtual impossibility that it will ever be flooded with too much traffic providing assurance that your cloud server or Internet connection remains up and running



Let’s say that Ed Sheeran has just announced his new tour and tickets are available through an online merchant. Millions of people want these tickets and login to the relevant website. This influx of traffic overwhelms the website's servers, causing it to “crash” meaning fans cannot buy tickets, hurting the reputation of the merchant. Now whilst this isn’t a DDoS attack as the influx of traffic is organic, it gives a representation of how a sudden increase in traffic can bring down an online service.


Features of our DDoS Protection service include:

Attacks filtered up to 1Tbps All connections, hardware and protection from one supplier,

Hosted on the same network and supported by 24x7x365 Analyse and compare random traffic sample with attack patterns from the filtering system Attackers will not be able to put your services down regardless of the type of attack

Ready to use solution Keep you online at all times, we won’t black hole you.

Ability to detect attacks from anywhere on the network.



IP non-existing protocol attacks ICMP & IGMP attacks; ICMP Flood, SMark, Smurf Attack, IGMP Flood

HTTP attacks; Slowloris, RUDY, HTTP Object Request Flood


Fake Session UDP attacks; Fraggle, DNS query, DNS Amplification, SNMPv2, NetBIOS, SDP, CharGEN, BitTorrent

Stream Protocol Fragment attacks such as mangled IP fragments with overlapping and oversized payloads to target the machines.

WHO SHOULD USE DDoS PROTECTION? Anyone who has internet facing and dependent systems.



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To find out further information on our DDoS protection and Cyber Security services please contact one of our dedicated business consultants by phone on 01635 884170 or email to sales@stream-networks.co.uk

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