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4G and 5g Broadband 

Smart Mobile Connectivity


4G and 5G Broadband Router



4G and 5G Broadband is a connection usually associated with mobiles, but with advancement in coverage and reliability it is now a true business grade connectivity solution. Think about how dependent society already is on 4G and 5G mobile data– you can catch up with emails from anywhere, check the latest news wherever you are and stay connected to family no matter where you are on the planet.

Stream Networks can offer connectivity from industry giants Vodafone, EE and O2 on both monthly rolling and 12 month contracts, ensuring we can have a solution for every need. We offer a range of business grade routers, all available as plug and play devices. We also a partner with World Leading hardware provider Cradlepoint to offer mobile broadband solutions as a Software Defined Wide Area Network. Also, to make this solution fully business proof, we can offer a Static IP Address and up to 800GB of data usage per month.


  • Can reach places that wired connections cannot.
  • Swift Install – 4G and 5G can be installed as soon as you want it
  • Portable Connectivity – You can pick your broadband up and take it with you wherever.
  • Flexible Contract Period – This can be a short or long term solution, contracts begin at just One Month.
  • Network Resilience – If having a connection is critical to your business, use a 4G or 5G mobile data connection as a fail over in case your primary Fibre Ethernet or Broadband connection fails.
  • No supporting services – 4G and 5G is the only broadband connectivity that does not need an underlying phone line – you only pay one bill.

Everyone! Everyone is already using it so why not facilitate it into your businesses network? It’s been proven as a reliable solution, you can turn it on and off at any time. It can be sat in the background, not costing you a penny, waiting to be utilised. It is a solution that makes too much sense not to use.

Smart 4G and 5g Broadband Benefits

Smart Support Benefits

World Wide Mobile Roaming Sims

Range of dedicated Mobile Broadband Routers

Prices starting from £6.50 per month

Static IPv4 Address Space

Easy management and provision of Sims via our CASCADE portal

Fast Install Times

Build WAN's easily with our SD-WAN options

Great for a Mobile work force 


100% Up time Guarantee when used in conjunction with a fixed line

24x7x365 UK Support

Mobile device management available via our Soti portal

Update and deploy new phones apps via Soti

Manage and Secure employees work phones via Soti

Usage stats and mobile management via our portal




Further Information On our SMART 4G and 5G Mobile Connectivity

Smart Security 4G and 5G - CradlePoint

Combined with Cradlepoint cloud-managed networking solutions, Zscaler Internet Security enables enterprises to embrace cloud applications and mobility, while delivering a superior user experience. Configured in minutes, Zscaler Internet Security leverages the threat intelligence harnessed from the Zscaler cloud. Now any business, regardless of size, can connect to the Internet with confidence

Smart 4G and 5G Security - Soti

SOTI MobiControl delivers Mobile Security

SOTI MobiControl locks down mobile devices, apps and content making it easy to prevent unauthorized access to company systems and data, while maintaining regulatory compliance. (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI)

Why do I need Mobile Security?

Lost or stolen devices are expensive. Not just their replacement cost, but also the associated downtime and recovery time.

Unsecured communications over public WiFi are open to man-in-the-middle attacks or theft of company credentials.

Whether its intentional or accidental, data loss can be damaging to a company's brand and its balance sheet.

If a user Jailbreaks or Roots their device, it is less secure and more vulnerable to malware, data leaks and other security exploits.

Mobile malware can open backdoors into your network, Root/Jailbreak your devices, or hold your data and infrastructure for ransom.

Because of their scale and remoteness, unsecured IoT endpoints are an attractive target for cyber criminals.

Smart 4G and 5G Installation

Stream Networks provide Smart dedicated project managers to get you connected fast.


Deploy mobile sims directly via our portal CASCADE

Smart Router deployment - our team will get you set up fast with our range of managed mobile routers

Live order updates are provided by our portal CASCADE

Smart 4G and 5G Software Defined Networking

In conjunction with Cradlepoint we build smart mobile SD-WAN's.


Manage your own IP addressing

Implement your own Bandwidth management (QoS) of key traffic

Build wide area networks with ease, adding in additional sites, creating a private network


Contact our pre sales technical team on 01635 884170 for further information.

Smart 4G and 5G Support

Stream Networks provide Smart Support on our Mobile 4g and 5g broadband services.

From our NOC in Newbury our UK based support team monitor and manage your network 24x7x365 providing proactive notifications should we see an issue affecting your services.

From monitoring of bandwidth statistics, to ping and jitter response times, DDoS protection stats to Netflow monitoring, all of our monitoring tools are also available via our self service management portal CASCADE.

Give us a test and call our support team on 01635884171 - no auto attendant - no voice mail - straight through to a qualified network technician 24x7x7x365 or contact us to test drive CASCADE.

Smart 4G and 5G Network Coverage

Stream Networks Smart Network coverage give us access to Vodafone, O2 and EE mobile networks. In addition we are able to provide IoT worldwide data sims managed entirely from our portal

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