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Internet of Things

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IOT communications and software are revolutionising the way businesses operate, from changing the way business interact with customers, collecting and managing customer data to adding additional new revenue streams, IOT is set to dominate ICT spend over the next decade.

iot communications

IoT Statistics

IoT project spend is set to grow rapidly over the coming years as business realise the potential return on investment that IoT deployment brings 

IOT spend predicted to grow
by 37.5% of all ICT spend
by 2020

By 2025 there will be 
75 billion IoT devices
Connected to the 

127 new devices are 
connected to the
internet every second

More than 65% of enterprises
will be using IoT products
by 2020

94% of businesses see a 
ROI on their IoT investment

By 2022 100% of the population is expected to
have LPWAN coverage

Choosing the right IoT solution 

Is your business ready for the IOT Communications revolution?

Stream Networks has developed its range of Smart IOT communications and software to help businesses connect, deploy and manage their IoT infrastructure with ease.


Stream’s Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRa-WAN) or LPWAN (low powered Wide Area Network) enables businesses to take advantage of the benefits that the internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communications brings without the need for expensive always on SIM cards and power hungry devices.

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Managed via our Cascade platform, provisioning and management of you mobile SIM estate is made easy.

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Stream Networks provide a range of SD-WAN Solutions from Fortinet, Cradlepoint and within our core network that enable organisations to deploy IoT devices and networking in a quick manner, whilst maintaining a quality, reliable and most importantly secure way.

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Our Cloud architecture provides customers with the best in class high availability infrastructure, connectivity, storage and security supporting our customers IoT data.

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How many types of communication are there in IoT?

There are GSM, GPRS,CDMA,GPRS,2G/GSM,3G,4G/LTE,EDGE based on connectivity speed. Internet of Things terminology typically refers to this form of communication as “M2M” (Machine-to-Machine) since it enables devices to communicate through cell networks.

What is IoT?

A key component of Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection, exchange, and processing of data by interconnected devices and services in order to react dynamically to a changing environment.

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