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Blog: Top tips for office security!

Take a look around your office, how many devices are connected to the internet? Let’s scale it down – how many devices on your desk are connected to the internet? A laptop? A computer? Desk Phone? Mobile Phone? Tablet? All these devices are a potential entry point for a hacker to access your network, which…
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What Is IoT?

What is IoT? IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is a network of physical objects that connect to the Internet to exchange data between other connected devices (Machine to Machine), or IoT systems in order to provide a range of services and functionality from monitoring how full bins are for refuse collection to…
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PSTN Switch Off – Stop Sell Tranche Dates Exchange List

PSTN Switch Off – Stop Sell Tranche Dates Exchange List Complete list of Exchanges with stop sell tranche dates. Exchange Name Exchange Code Order restriction implementation Date Tranche  Salisbury STSALIS 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-19 Swansea SWSX 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Dagenham LNDAG 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Be/City NICTY 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Failsworth MRFAI 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Kilmarnock WSKIL 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Wallasey LVWAL 13-Oct-21…
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Is Plusnet Closing Down?

Plusnet Plc is part of the BT Group and as part of BT’s wider rebranding strategy, BT have decided to provide SME broadband services directly to businesses via the BT business website. An announcement was made on the Plusnet business website in October 2022 informing new customers and existing customers that they would no longer…
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What is SoGEA? SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. SOGEA is a new service and one of the main broadband data service products supporting the UK’s analogue, ISDN and PSTN switch off. SOGEA future-proofs your business connectivity by delivering a landline and broadband connection as one service where previously you would need to…
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What is 3CX

What is 3CX? 3CX is a private branch exchange (IP PBX) software based technology designed to be hosted in the cloud or using on-premises IT equipment to replace a traditional PBX. Think of a PBX as a telephone exchange or call server routing all of your inbound and outbound business communication phone calls to the…
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What Is Multi SIM?

What is Multi SIM? A multi SIM refers to a networking approach to IoT (Internet of Things) projects where you connect to different networks either using a single physical SIM card (Multi Network SIM Card) that allows you to access different networks providers on one SIM card or by deploying dual SIMs in an IoT…
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Operator Connect VS Direct Routing

Operator Connect vs Microsoft Teams Direct Routing what’s the difference? As the UK’s PSTN switch off gathers paces more organisations are considering using Microsoft Teams phone system as their business phone system (PBX) to take advantage of O365 functionality and Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication integration. With a few ways to deploy telephony functionality through…
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Everything ICT Framework

Stream Networks Ltd has joined the Everything ICT Framework! The cost-effective, compliant and convenient United Kingdom ICT Procurement Framework for the Public Sector. Stream Networks are proud to announce we have been selected as a pre-approved supplier on the Everything ICT Framework for our range of connectivity solutions including broadband, and Gigabit Ethernet services. Everything…
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Christmas Network Freeze 2022

Dear Customer/Partner, As is customary for this time of year, we wanted to write and update you with confirmation of our plans for the festive period. Business Hours Our Sales, Operations and Accounts departments will be closed from 17:00 on 23/12/21 until 09:00 on 03/01/22 Technical Support Our technical support department will be open and…
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How To Set-Up Auto Attendants And Call Queues On Microsoft Teams

Teams Auto Attendant and Call Queue Set-up To set-up Auto Attendants and Call Queue’s with Stream Networks Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service first log in to your Teams admin centre. Create a Teams Resource Account Next in the left hand navigation menu click on RESOURCE ACCOUNTS Each auto attendant and call queue you create in…
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How To Add An IP Phone To Teams

How do you add an IP Phone or SIP Device to Microsoft Teams? To add a SIP device to Microsoft Teams simply login to the teams admin centre and then click on Teams Devices in the left hand navigation menu Next click on the Phones option and on the phone page in the top right…
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How To Find O365 Tenant ID For Teams Direct Routing

How do you find your O365 Tenant ID to set-up Teams Direct Routing Operator Connect? Each Microsoft Office 365 Tenant has a Unique ID or Globally Unique Identifier (GUID). In order to set-up Teams Operator Connect we need this Unique ID to automatically configure your Direct Routing service. The ID is different to your domain…
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What O365 Licences Do I Need For Teams Direct Routing

What Microsoft 0365 Licences do you need for Teams Direct Routing? Understanding what Licences are required to use Microsoft Teams as a phone system can be complex. Our short blog below summarises what Office365 licences are required to enable voice calling from Microsoft Teams. In addition to the Microsoft licences below you will also need…
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The Importance Of Cyber Security In 2022

Why Cyber Security? Now more than ever cyber security should be at the forefront when it comes to planning within a business. First there was the nuances to working practices, bought about by COVID -19, and now there is war in Europe bringing about a new threat – cyber based warfare. Battles are also fought…
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Ultimate Guide to Leased Lines

The Ultimate Guide to Leased Lines If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient Internet connection, a leased line could be the solution. But what exactly is a leased line and how could it benefit your business?This Stream Networks Ultimate Guide to Leased Lines will help you to understand this dedicated Internet access solution and to…
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