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Blog: Top tips for office security!

Take a look around your office, how many devices are connected to the internet? Let’s scale it down – how many devices on your desk are connected to the internet? A laptop? A computer? Desk Phone? Mobile Phone? Tablet? All these devices are a potential entry point for a hacker to access your network, which…
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What’s Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing Penetration testing or pen testing for short, is a simulated cyberattack and security assessment of an organisations network infrastructure, computer systems, web applications and operating systems. It is designed to provide an in-depth assessment of your cyber security vulnerabilities so you can identify and improve security weaknesses. There are a number of types of penetration testing services and solutions covering a wide attack surface as follows: Types of Pen Testing White box testing White…
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How To Create An Auto Attendant BT Cloud Voice

How do you create an auto-attendant on VoiceStream BT Cloud Voice? First of all log in to the business portal and navigate to sites Then click on the cog of the relevant site you want to amend In the next screen you need to scroll down to the hunt group and auto-attendant section. Ideally with…
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How To Change Ring Tones Based On Caller ID

How to change the ring tone of your VoiceStream BT Cloud VOIP Desk Phone based on caller ID You can change the ringtone of your IP handset through the VoiceStream Business Portal user configuration screen. There are some limitations as you can only add up to 12 numbers per rule and you cant choose the…
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Broadband Speed Guarantee

Broadband Speed Guarantee What is Ofcom’s voluntary code of conduct for broadband speeds? In 2018 Ofcom the regulatory body for telecommunications providers in the United Kingdom issued a voluntary code of practice relating to minimum guaranteed Internet speeds for consumers and small businesses offering protection against Internet Service Providers miss selling Internet speeds. The code…
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Newbury Soup Dragons

Stream Networks are pleased to announce we are sponsoring our local charity the Newbury Soup Kitchen, through the organisations Newbury Soup Dragon corporate sponsorship program. Newbury Soup Kitchen offers a freshly cooked three-course meal every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening to support the homeless, vulnerably housed, less fortunate, and street homeless individuals in Newbury and…
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New CityFibre Ethernet Exchanges

Stream Networks have agreed a new partnership with leading full fibre provider CityFibre to provide Premium Ethernet Leased Line services across the wider CityFibre FTTP network. This extended network reach will provide Stream with access to over 800,000 business premises and 400,000 public sector sites for premium 100Mbs, 1Gbs and 10Gbs ethernet leased lines. With…
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Cascade Bill Data and Downloads

Please view our latest video on how you can access your latest Stream Networks monthly bill including call usage statistics.

ISDN Replacement

Preparing for the BT ISDN Switch Off: A Comprehensive Guide The BT Analogue Switch Off is set to revolutionise telephony. The way phone calls are made in the UK will change for everyone, the telephone lines as we know them will become redundant, as will the need for equipment such as an analogue PBX. The…
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Christmas Network Freeze 2023

Dear Customer/Partner, As is customary for this time of year, we wanted to write and update you with confirmation of our plans for the festive period. Business Hours Our Sales, Operations and Accounts departments will be closed from 17:00 on 22/12/23 until 09:00 on 02/01/24. Technical Support Our technical support department will be open and…
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What Is IoT?

What is IoT? IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is a network of physical objects that connect to the Internet to exchange data between other connected devices (Machine to Machine), or IoT systems in order to provide a range of services and functionality from monitoring how full bins are for refuse collection to…
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PSTN Switch Off – Stop Sell Tranche Dates Exchange List

PSTN Switch Off – Stop Sell Tranche Dates Exchange List Complete list of Exchanges with stop sell tranche dates. Exchange Name Exchange Code Order restriction implementation Date Tranche  Salisbury STSALIS 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-19 Swansea SWSX 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Dagenham LNDAG 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Be/City NICTY 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Failsworth MRFAI 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Kilmarnock WSKIL 13-Oct-21 10-May-21 Wallasey LVWAL 13-Oct-21…
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Is Plusnet Closing Down?

Plusnet Plc is part of the BT Group and as part of BT’s wider rebranding strategy, BT have decided to provide SME broadband services directly to businesses via the BT business website. An announcement was made on the Plusnet business website in October 2022 informing new customers and existing customers that they would no longer…
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What is SoGEA? SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. SOGEA is a new service and one of the main broadband data service products supporting the UK’s analogue, ISDN and PSTN switch off. SOGEA future-proofs your business connectivity by delivering a landline and broadband connection as one service where previously you would need to…
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What is 3CX

What is 3CX? 3CX is a private branch exchange (IP PBX) software based technology designed to be hosted in the cloud or using on-premises IT equipment to replace a traditional PBX. Think of a PBX as a telephone exchange or call server routing all of your inbound and outbound business communication phone calls to the…
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What Is Multi SIM?

What is Multi SIM? A multi SIM refers to a networking approach to IoT (Internet of Things) projects where you connect to different networks either using a single physical SIM card (Multi Network SIM Card) that allows you to access different networks providers on one SIM card or by deploying dual SIMs in an IoT…
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