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Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

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Direct Routing Solution for Microsoft Teams

Stream’s Voice-Stream Direct Routing Voice Solution for Microsoft Teams, delivers a complete UCaaS managed service, free inclusive phone calls and enhanced call features from call routing, autoattendants, collaboration tools, to call recording and contact centre features.

What is Teams Direct Routing and how does Direct Routing Work?

Teams Direct Routing enables you to turn Office 365 tenant into a business Phone System. It allows users to make and receive UK and international calls to, and from, non-Teams users, without needing a hosted telephony system or PBX and offers a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft’s Calling Plan.

Direct Routing For Teams

Why Stream for Teams Microsoft Direct Routing?

As a dedicated business telecommunications provider with our own National network, Stream Networks deliver outstanding customer service and support for your Microsoft Teams environment. With our VoiceStream Teams Direct Routing service you can enable full PSTN breakout converting your Microsoft Teams solution into a full business Telephone system that supports remote working and saves you costs compared to Microsoft’s Calling Plan solution.

Teams Configuration 

As well as delivering a two step installation process for Teams Direct Routing, Stream also provide managed configuration support for your teams environment. Need help with calling permissions, auto-attendants, call recording and contact centre features then Stream can help.

Our Network

As a dedicated business provider with our own National IP network Stream are experts in the provision of VOIP services ensuring you maximise your investment.

Outstanding Support

As a dedicated business provider we offer outstanding customer service and support.  No call queues or waiting to speak to someone.  Call us on 01635884171 and get straight through to a dedicated support engineer.

Certified Provider

As an ISO27001, ISO9001, CyberEssentials and G-Cloud certified provider you can ensure we take your service provision and security of critical systems with the upmost attention to detail and care without compromise.  

Teams Direct Routing Benefits

Reduce Telephone Bills

Our Teams Direct Routing service delivers 5000 UK Geographic minutes (01,02,03) and 2000 Mobile minutes per user per month saving you on expensive call bills.


With our Teams Direct Routing service no capital expenditure is required simply convert your Teams environment in to a full business PBX.

Hybrid Working

Easily support hybrid working for employees wherever they are located.

Advanced Call Handling

Support for auto attendant, call groups, call divert, voice recording, call analytics and contact centre features.

True Business Provider

As an ISO27001 and IS09001 accredited business only provider, Stream Networks provide exceptional customer service and support for your Teams environment.

PSTN Connectivity (Public Switched Telephone Network)

Full Public Switched Telephone Breakout for Uk and International calls

Teams Direct Routing Features


Encrypted calls between Teams and our infrastructure delivers secure and reliable voice delivery

Call Resilience

Our Teams Direct Routing includes resilient Session Border Controllers (certified SBC) and the ability to divert numbers to mobiles or other sites.

Dedicated Microsoft Peering

Our network peers directly with Microsoft, delivering fast low latency connectivity for crystal clear calling.

Number Porting

Port your existing geographic and non geographic phone numbers in with ease

No commit 30-day terms

Contracts available from 30 days with inclusive calls, try our service risk free. 

International Call Termination 

Support for direct international call termination in over 20 countries.

Scalable from a couple of seats to 10,000 +

Our carrier grade Direct Routing infrastructure can scale from 1 to 10000 plus users

Advanced Call Features

Our Teams Direct Routing service supports, call recording, advanced call analytics, and contact centre features.

Automated provisioning

Complete automated provisioning for Teams Direct Routing.  Just enter your O365 tenant ID in to the stream Portal to auto configure your Teams Direct Routing Service.

Teams Phone System Features

A Microsoft Phone Systems delivers the following unified communications features and functionality

Call Queues / Call Groups / Auto Attendants

Modern Authentication / Azure Active Directory

Speed Dial and Call History

Meetings and calls

User delegation (admin management of users phones)

Hot Desking for on-premises and remote devices

Video (Phones with Video support)

Audio Conferencing

Collaboration and file sharing

Music on hold

Incoming Call park and retrieve

Call forwarding and Simultaneous ring

Group call pick up and forward to group

Consultative transfer

Caller ID

Cloud Voicemail

Shared Line Appearance

Call Blocking

Call Policies

Administration of devices (Deployment, Manage)

Real time analytics Monitoring and alerting notifications

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing FAQ’s


What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a cost effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans, enabling you to make and receive telephone calls to your Teams Client. 


Is Teams Direct Routing Complicated to set-up?

Our VoiceStream Teams service is delivered via Operator connect and resilient SIP Trunking. This enables full API configuration of your Teams Environment without the need for complicated PowerShell scripting


What is required to enable VoiceStream Teams Direct Routing?

As we use API’s all we need is your Microsoft O365 admin tenant ID to configure our service saving you time on configuration.


Do I need an Internet connection from Stream Networks?

No our VoiceStream service can be set-up over any Internet Connection whether its 4G/5G, Broadband services or Ethernet leased lines.  However Stream Networks also provide a range of dedicated Voice ready connections to ensure your voice calls are crystal clear.


Is Teams Direct Routing cheaper than Microsoft Calling Plans?

Yes, typically with VoiceStream Teams Direct Routing you can save up to 50% against using Microsoft’s Calling Plans?


Can I port my existing numbers into Teams Direct Routing?

Yes we support complete porting of both Geographic and Non Geographic numbers into our VoiceStream service.

How To Provision Teams Direct Routing 

View our 5 minute video on how to provision VoiceStream Teams Direct Routing

How To Add An IP Phone to Teams?

Are you looking to deploy desk IP Phones to your Teams Tenant? Want to check interoperability with your existing SIP devices? Read our easy step by step guide on registering IP Phones to Teams here or view the video below.

How To Configure Teams Direct Routing Auto Attendant and Call Groups

View our video on how you configure Teams Direct Routing Auto Attendants and Call Groups with VoiceStream Teams Direct Routing.

Watch the Benefits of Microsoft Phone System and Stream Networks Direct Routing

Watch our webinar on the benefits of moving to a Microsoft Phone System

What O365 Licences Do You Need For Direct Routing?

Read our simple blog on the licences needed for Teams Direct Routing here

Register For A 30 Day Free Teams Direct Routing Trial

Would you like to test Teams Direct Routing?  Register for our no obligation 30 day Free Teams Direct Routing Trial

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