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Multi Network SIM

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Multi Network SIM Cards

With a Stream Networks Multi Network SIM you can gain access to multiple mobile networks with a single SIM card delivering un-steered, cost-effective access to the strongest signal wherever your device is located.

Global Connectivity Network Coverage

The multi-network SIM from Stream Networks offers reliable, cost-effective, and flexible global connectivity across 450 networks in over 190 countries. Our solution is suitable for all types of applications – from low data IoT solutions to high consumption mobile broadband with a fixed IP

Multi Network Mobile Broadband

Multi-Network SIM overview

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Range of Pricing Tariff’s

We have a range of bespoke data sim card pricing tariffs available, allowing you to pick the one that best fits your data, location and deployment requirements. If you only need a SIM that works in one country then there’s no need to pay for a package that gives you worldwide access.

Un-steered for seamless roaming

Unlike other SIMs, the multi-network SIM from Stream is un-steered. This means that it will automatically connect to the strongest mobile operator available network, delivering the best coverage and protecting against network outages . We favour no network anywhere in the world, we simply favour you receiving the strongest possible connection.

Back-up Internet Connection

With multi network sim cards you can ensure you have a resilient back-up Internet Connection to fixed line connectivity. This is the perfect solution for a range of deployments from CCTV services to back-up for retail or industrial sites. With a multinet sim you can run cloud, data, and real-time telecoms.

Set your own rules

Using industry standard protocol, our multinet SIMs have multiple steering options which will determine performance and cost. E.G. prioritising lower cost networks in specific countries.

Multi device compatibility

Our multi-network roaming SIMs are available in multiple form factors. As standard we provide industrial M2M SIMs that can be triple cut (Mini, Micro and Nano) alongside embeddable MFF2 SIMs.

Future proof technologies

With 5G on the horizon, and the mobile broadband and IoT world ever evolving, our multi-network SIM has the capacity to be reprogrammed to support new technologies.

Compatible with a range of Routers and IoT Devices

Our multinet sims are compatible with a range of mobile routers and Internet of Things devices. Visit our router and hardware store for further information and to check which device functionality meets your needs.

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Multi Network SIM FAQs

How many networks does a multi network sim have access too?

Our UK multi-network sim delivers access to the Vodafone, Three, O2 and EE mobile networks.

What is an un-steered SIM?

An un-steered SIM allows you to gain access to the best networks signal in the area you are located.

Are there different tariffs for different countries?

Yes – the multi-network SIM has a range of tariff options that are split by zones and territories that it can roam in. The less territories, the cheaper the package, ensuring you only pay for what you need!

Can I use a static IP address?

Yes, our multi-network SIM is available with both fixed IP and dynamic IP addresses. Also, for businesses looking for an ‘on-net’ solution we can offer private APNs enabling you to use your own IP addresses.

What is a steered SIM?

A steered SIM typically only allows access to a single network provider or preferred network.

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