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Cloud Firewall - Moving security in to the core of the network

Cloud Firewall from Stream Networks enables you to plug your Fibre Ethernet Leased Line directly into your Local Area Network (LAN) and manage your security and IP addressing directly from the Cloud using our State of the Art management portal.

Easily add in additional sites to create a futureproof private network and manage this network without any of the complexity of the past.

Using this service from Stream Networks allows you to say goodbye to your router and say hello to next-generation Ethernet. Whether you are managing 1 site, 100 sites or 1,000 sites, this is the solution for you.

Stream Networks can deliver our range of Cloud Firewalls using open source technology PFSENSE and OPNSENSE as well as Virtual machine images from leading vendors such at Fortinet, Palo Alto and Sonicwall.

As can be seen in the diagram below, each site has its own individual firewall, with the Fibre Ethernet Leased Line connecting directly to the Local Area Network without the need for any more equipment.


Cloud Firewall


Features of this service include:

- Captive Portal
- Configurable static Routing
- Proxy and Content Filtering
- NAT mapping
- Supports concurrent IPv4 and IPv6
- SSL encryption
- Deep Packet Inspection
- Multi-WAN for failover
- IP blacklist database
- Multi-WAN load balancing
- User and group-based privileges
- Local user and group database
- User and group-based privileges
- Optional automatic account expiration
- External RADIUS authentication
- Automatic lockout after repeated attempts
- Web interface security protection
- CSRF protection 

- Snort-based packet analyzer
- Multiple rules sources and categories
- Emerging threats database
- IP blacklist database
- Pre-set rule profiles
- Per-interface configuration
- Suppressing false positive alerts
- Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
- Optional open-source packages for application blocking
- Optional multi-node High Availability Clustering
- Multi-WAN load balancing
- Automatic connection failover
- Bandwidth throttling
- Traffic shaping wizard
- Reserve or restrict bandwidth based on traffic priority
- Fair sharing bandwidth
- User data transfer quotas
- Web-based configuration
- Setup wizard for initial configuration

- IPsec and OpenVPN
- Site-to-site and remote access VPN support
- SSL encryption
- VPN client for multiple operating systems
- L2TP/IPsec for mobile devices
- Multi-WAN for failover
- IPv6 support
- Split tunneling
- Multiple tunnels
- VPN tunnel failover
- NAT support
- Automatic or custom routing
- Local user authentication or RADIUS/LDAP
- Remote web-based administration
- Customizable dashboard
- Easy configuration backup/restore
- Configuration export/import
- HTTP Referer enforcement
- DNS Rebinding protection
- HTTP Strict Transport Security
- Frame protection
- Optional key-based SSH access

- Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
- GeoIP blocking
- Anti-Spoofing
- Time based rules
- Connection limits
- Dynamic DNS
- Reverse proxy
- Captive portal guest network
- Supports concurrent IPv4 and IPv6
- NAT mapping (inbound/outbound)
- VLAN support (802.1q)
- Configurable static routing
- IPv6 network prefix translation
- IPv6 router advertisements
- Multiple IP addresses per interface
- DHCP server
- DNS forwarding
- Wake-on-LAN
- PPPoE Server

Smart Cloud Firewall Security Overview

Smart Support Benefits

Free Cloud Firewall with our Fibre Ethernet and MPLS connectivity

Free DDoS Protection via our SDN portal

IPv4 and IPv6 Address Space

Build WAN's easily with the Cloud Firewall SD-WAN Capability

Manage your Cloud Firewall via our CASCADE portal

High Availability with our VMWare Virtual Data Centres

Deploy Virtual Firewall Templates from all the major vendors

24x7x365 Proactive Network Monitoring (we call you)

24x7x365 UK Support

1-2Ms Response time to our core

LINX & LONAP Peering

Fast World Wide Transit

Direct BGP SIP Peering

Managed Firewall Upgrades 

Firewall configuration experts available to help with your deployment 

Further Information On our SMART Security

Smart DDoS Protection

Our Smart Cloud Firewalls and Cloud Infrastructure is protected by our DDoS scrubbing service


DDoS Attacks are filtered up to 1Tbps.

All connections, hardware and protection from one supplier..

Hosted on the same network and supported 24x7x365.


IP non-existing protocol attacks ICMP & IGMP attacks; ICMP Flood, SMark, Smurf Attack, IGMP Flood

HTTP attacks; Slowloris, RUDY, HTTP Object Request Flood


Fake Session UDP attacks; Fraggle, DNS query, DNS Amplification, SNMPv2, NetBIOS, SDP, CharGEN, BitTorrent

Stream Protocol Fragment attacks such as mangled IP fragments with overlapping and oversized payloads to target the machines.

Cloud Firewall Applications

VPN Server

High Availability

Load Balancing

Traffic Shaping

Captive Portal

UTM Device

Firewall / Router

DNS / DHCP Server


Transparent Caching Proxy

Web Content Filter

And more ...

Smart Back-up

Our Smart Cloud Firewalls are backed up using Veeam to two different ultra secure UK data centres. The back-up services also allows you to snapshot configurations before making major changes to firewall configurations ensuring you can revert changes with ease.

Supported Vendors

Our Smart Virtual Data centre platform connected to our core network allows customers to deploy Opensource as well as Virtual Machine images from all the major Vendors.

Supported Vendors








Any Vendor that provides their firewall platform as a VM

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