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Education Solutions Overview

Stream Networks provide Cloud, Fibre Ethernet, DDoS protection and ICT solutions for Schools and Education  which helps reduce costs, improve access to new technologies and improve cyber security – three key areas of focus for education organisations across the country.

With an estimated 8% drop in per pupil spending since 2010, the need for reduced costs has added an extra complication to already strained IT infrastructure.

With more and more emphasis being placed on online education technologies, a greater strain has been placed on existing internet connections. We have invested heavily in infrastructure meaning that we can offer discounted pricing on internet bandwidth compared to national carriers.

We are also able to offer burstable Internet connectivity, which allow connections to receive greater bandwidth during peak times, for example exam season.

Many new technologies require data to be stored in the Cloud – an internet dependent location. Whilst the Cloud is a great technological development, it does pose some risks, such as:

a) Where is the data being stored?

b) How bandwidth intensive is the download/upload of the data?

c) How secure the connection to the data centre is?

An internet connection or cloud server from Stream Networks will come with free DDoS protection as standard, ensuring that your network will stay online during any type of DDoS attack, meaning that your data and your connection, is always accessible.

We also offer a free Cloud Firewall service which sits at the edge of our Core Network, providing an additional level of Firewalling between our core and your edge connectivity. A further reassurance that your connection and network will be safe from outside threats.

When selecting a Cloud provider, you must ensure that they have a secure environment, and that your connection to that environment is secure. With Stream Networks, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all data is secure in a nuclear proof, ex MOD bunker that multiple compliancy standards including ISO27001, PCI DSS and IGGSOC.

As well as providing your school with the most secure connection in the UK from outside threats, we also ensure that your network is protected from the inside-out.

One of the most vulnerable points of any network is its users, and with the amount of users in a school, this threat is increasingly prevalent.

Stream Networks offer advanced web filtering ensuring system administrators have full visibility of network and user activity which in turn allows them to create effective policies and proactively respond to threats. The filtering system blocks spyware, prevents viruses and restricts requests to any malicious websites – ensuring your users can not damage your network.

At the same time, our filtering service provides internal policies such as the restriction of social media at certain times e.g. during lessons to ensure that bandwidth is being utilised on core activities.

We also acknowledge that school environments are heavy users of the Microsoft Office 365 platform. With this in mind, we partner with leading technology enterprise Barracuda to provide  Office 365 Essentials platform. This is a feature-rich platform which can prevent Spam and Malware, Block advanced threats, protect outbound email, help you to stay compliant, maintain security awareness and defend users from Spear Phishing whilst also backing up the entire Office 365 environment.


Educational organisations can rest assured that Stream Networks are in comfortable and familiar territory handling any of the following:


Bandwidth Management - We can dedicate bandwidth to students and restrict access to certain sites such as Social Media. On the same connection, Staff can enjoy different dedicated bandwidth to ensure any extra strain from students will not impact their work.

Contingency Planning - Lesson plans, attendance register and coursework are all stored online. These are all elements that daily operations are dependent on. Stream Networks will ensure these systems are always available. 

Scalable Platforms – Running low on resources on your Virtual Servers? We can add more in an instant! Is it exam season and you want to upgrade and dedicate more bandwidth? Consider those configuration changes done!

Communicate Anytime - In most cases, leaving a message is the best way to communicate when timetables are as packed as those of an educator. When a call does come in, transferring to the right person will prompt a voicemail to be left that automatically sends straight to their Outlook ensuring messages are not missed.

Protect your students – With our StreamCom telephony systems, we can set up a “bully line” where students can ring in and report any issues they are having safe in the knowledge that their number is hidden, and their voice changed, ensuring they are 100% unidentifiable.

All our solutions are supported by a dedicated 24x7x365 Technical Support Team who, alongside your data, are situated in the UK.

To find out how we can help your Education organisation, please contact or call us on 01635 884170




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