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Juniper Mist

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Juniper MIST AI – delivering machine learning and automation for the Enterprise Network

As network traffic grows ensuring your companies LAN, WAN and Wireless networking infrastructure delivers a consistent trouble free user experience to all users across the network, while reducing IT overhead is key to business productivity.

Juniper MIST Systems provides a self driving network for Juniper EX switches , Mist Access Points and SRX Routers/Firewalls delivering a unified approach to wired and wireless connectivity for branch sites and data centre operations.

Juniper Mist Features

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Simplify Device Onboarding

With Mist AI onboarding new wired switches and Wi-Fi APs to the network is delivered at the push of a button using Zero Touch Provisioning. Simply connect your device to the network, power it on and your cloud ready switch or AP triggers an onboard phone-home client (PHC) request to Mist. The Juniper Mist cloud architecture automatically recognises the device and can automate device, SSID and port configuration by the use of pre configured templates.

Marvis the Virtual NetworkAssistant

Marvis is Juniper Networks Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) transforming how IT teams interact with the network. With Natural Language Processing (NLP) Marvis delivers a conservational interface to help IT teams streamline troubleshooting across the wired, wireless LAN and SD-WAN domain.

Marvis provides unsurpassed insight and network automation, constantly learning as more data is ingested from the network Marvis delivers proactive fault remediation and identifying root causes of network issues in real time ensuring your network provides the service level expectations required for a modern enterprise.

Mist AI
Cloud Mosaic

Cloud-based AIOps

With MIST Artificial Intelligence, SLEs (Service Level Expectations) and Wired Assurance traffic is monitored across all wired and Wi-FI access points using agile micro-services to automatically optimise the network, providing network operations with the ability to gain a deep insight into LAN and WLAN networks with additional access to monitor throughput, connection attempts and general parameters.

Powerful WiFi Access Solution – Juniper Access Points

Juniper Mist cloud architecture includes a wide range of Wireless access points with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support. As a result Juniper Mist AP’s deliver outstanding WLAN performance with Bluetooth LE technology, providing attractive location services to pinpoint and track customers or employees through your campus thus driving user engagement for organisations such as retailers, leisure providers and medical institutions to interact with customers and patients.

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Mist API

With a powerful RESTful API containing tools for building software and apps that communicate with Mist, end users and service providers can leverage the power of Mist to build innovative IoT applications driving user engagement across the network.

A Robust Wired Portfolio

Juniper’s range of EX Switches allows you to match price and performance to technical requirements (multi gigabit, PoE, MACsec, etc.) for SMBs and enterprises of all sizes.

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance helps IT teams reduce fault finding and repair times delivering a unique experience-first led approach to networking. Junipers range of EX Series switches combined with Mist AI deliver insights into switch health and wired connection service-level metrics through though the intuitive Mist dashboard.


Juniper MIST Benefits


With Juniper Mist AP’s and EX series switches you can active devices easily through the use of ZTP for true plug and play capabilities while minimizing onboarding issues, saving engineering time and resources.


Build streamlined template configurations and universal profiles with the use of Mist Cloud Services delivering enterprise networked architecture based on intent in a few clicks of a button. Juniper Mist Cloud helps standardise network deployments while delivering flexibility to tweak site, switch and AP attributes to your specification.


With Mist AI learn how your network infrastructure performs with detailed device metrics such as CPU, Memory and chassis status, with the ability to deep dive into port and user insight to see traffic utilisation, bytes transferred and power consumption.


Ensure your switches and AP’s are operating to their optimal performance with the ability to check and upgrade firmware, check for missing VLAN’s, configuration errors, and hardware performance.


With a powerful, open and programmable API Juniper Mist enables the automation of switch activation, onboarding, configuration processes, automated ticketing, troubleshooting and more for integration with third-party systems like ServiceNow and Splunk.

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