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Software Defined Wide Area Networks, or SD-WAN for short is a Software and Cloud based technology to simplify delivery of WAN services to multiple locations.

SD-WAN enables organisations to deploy internet based connectivity in a easy and quick manner, whilst maintaining a quality, reliable and most importantly secure service.

Traditionally, organisations with multiple and wide spread locations would use MPLS to connect the sites on one network, SD-WAN presents a less complex, more flexible, cheaper and easier solution, without sacrificing any of the sophistication or security.


◘ Rapid Deployment - Quickly setup services such as bandwidth and firewall from a simple Control Panel Application, eliminating the time and expense of sending engineers to site.
◘ Cost Savings versus MPLS - Enjoy secure and sophisticated WAN services at costs associated with entry level Internet Connections.
◘ Eliminate Expensive Traffic Weighting - define and prioritise traffic over the network from the simple Application.
◘ Take control of your Network - Nobody knows your network as well as you, with SD-WAN you can cake control and administer the network to match your wants and needs!
◘ Bond Connectivity - Combine connectivity mediums such as 4G and DSL for resilience or if you are in a location where it’s difficult/expensive to deploy Ethernet or Fibre connectivity


If your organisation is already utlising MPLS technologies you can seamlessly deploy SD-WAN solutions without the need for an overhaul of the existing MPLS Network.

With Stream Networks, you can utlilise Hybrid SD-WAN, and over time migrate existing MPLS traffic to a cost saving SD-WAN architecture.
Tab conStream Networks Secure Wide Area Network solutions are built around a Cisco Core and offer IP VPN’s, MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service), offering customers a choice of Layer 3 or Layer 2 private, point to point, point to multi point or fully meshed network connectivity. Our Secure Wide Area Networks are provided as a solution enabling your business to increase functionality as you require it, but not over complicate it with functionality you don’t need. Whether you need managed internet access, quality of service for specific traffic, on demand cloud computing, or direct connectivity to 3rd party networks and services, Stream Networks build robust business critical private networks.

Secure Wide Area Network Services Overview

IP VPN’s MPLS VPLS Layer 2 3rd Party Connectivity Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service Private VLAN’s Point to Point Connectivity Point to Multipoint Connectivity Fully Meshed On Demand Cloud Computing Infrastructure & Disaster Recovery HSRP, VRRP and Automatic Failover Guaranteed Latency SLA’s


• Simplify operations by putting all locations onto one network. • Package includes all infrastructures to successfully implement and manage the network. • Bypass congested areas of the network through prioritised traffic engineering options, improving efficiency.


• Failure in one location does not affect the whole network. • Customisable and scalable to meet the needs of your business. • Managed and maintained by Stream Networks, less worry and demand on your business.


• Simplify operations by putting all locations onto one network. • Bypass congested areas of the network through prioritised traffic engineering options, improving efficiency. • Manage infrastructure yourself, in order to have the network exactly as you want it.tent
  • We approached Stream Networks to upgrade our old VPN to a fully managed MPLS network in order to improve performance and we haven’t looked back since. Our offices are now connected and monitored 24x7x365, all backed up by great support from the team at Stream Networks
    Ravin Mardy - IT - Park
  • When faced with an office move, with a timescale of 1 month; to a site with no infrastructure, Stream Networks stepped up to the challenge. We were up and running before the month was up; delivered on time and within budget!
    Cath Matthews - Head - Radical
  • Our community centre needed a connectivity solution delivered within budget, whilst ensuring essential details such as internet safety were implemented. Stream Networks listened to our specific requirements, and guided us seamlessly through this process, they were fantastic though out.
    Dave Roberts - IT - Rose

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