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As a Business-only Service Provider we are committed to providing high quality fast Broadband (xDSL, FTTC, FTTP) connectivity for all customers. We have a policy of not restricting our core bandwidth at any time – this means that whatever bandwidth you can get on your particular circuit and exchange is the speed you will receive across our network and out to the Internet.

Our policy of providing clean, fast bandwidth across our network makes our service very attractive to professional business customers who typically send and receive far less data than many residential users. If a small group of customers uses a disproportionately large amount of bandwidth on an ongoing basis this may have a significant impact on the bandwidth available to our other Broadband customers. To avoid this we have implemented the following Fair Usage Policy.

Our Fair Usage Policy is designed to combat the very small number of customers who wish to use the service for inappropriate usage, which includes people who download very large files, using file sharing software, downloading large amounts of video traffic or using peer to peer software. This type of activity can affect the performance of the network for all users meaning everyone has slower connection performance.

Our Fair Usage Policy will not affect customers using their circuit for normal business purposes unless they are using file sharing, peer to peer, or are regularly uploading/downloading large volumes of video or very large files.

 ADSL Max and derivative services are not expected to transfer more than 50 Gigabytes of data during the course of a month.
 ADSL 2+ and Annex M services are not expected to transfer more than 200 Gigabytes of data during the course of a month.
 FTTC and FTTP services are not expected to transfer more than 200 Gigabytes of data during the course of a month.

Data transfer is monitored for all Broadband customers and is measured on the total amount of data downloaded during a particular calendar month. Upload transfer is not measured.

Should the policy outlined above be breached or contracted limits exceeded, the steps we will take include the following:

Contacting a high use customer to inform them they are an excessive user to establish why they are using so much bandwidth. In many cases a business is unaware that a staff member is using the Internet connection to such an extreme – for instance downloading films or watching videos; or there may be a virus that is causing problems.

If usage is not brought within acceptable limits we will agree to charge a premium for excess usage or restrict bandwidth available. We may then suggest that the customer moves onto a more suitable aggregated circuit or a dedicated circuit such as Ethernet.

Should any customer persistently (more than 3 consecutive months) breach the above policy we reserve the right to terminate the connection and contract. In this circumstance the customer will still be liable to pay any outstanding minimum term.

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