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Zero Touch Provisioning

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Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning helps automate network configuration, reducing deployment time and reducing configuration errors. Watch our ZTP explainer Video to find out how Zero Touch Provisioning can benefit your Software Defined Wide Area Network deployment.


Zero Touch Provisioning Benefits


ZTP automates the configuration of network devices, saving time and resources for new site deployment.

Reduce configuration errors

With ZTP configuration errors can be eliminated through the use of template configuration for network devices eliminating repitious CLI commands.

Easier Operating System Upgrades

SD-WAN and ZTP automates your network device operating system upgrade ensuring you are always on the latest firmware protecting business against security vulnerabilities.

Reduce operational costs

ZTP enables operational cost savings by reducing the engineering resource required to deploy a  new network.

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Zero Touch Provisioning Technical Overview

How does ZTP work?

Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) allows you to provision new network devices automatically, with minimal human and manual configuration.

 When you connect a device to the network and boot it with a default factory configuration, the device upgrades (or downgrades) the software release and automatically installs a configuration file from the network.

The configuration file can be a system OS configuration or a script. With scripts, you can create device-specific or site-specific configuration files allowing you to automate your network deployment.

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