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A day in the life of..

Stream - The digital backbone to your business

Following on from our trip to the technical team to meet Sam, we are back there to meet his colleague Arron:

B: Hi Arron, without copying Sam, can you let us know what you do when you arrive at Stream?
A: I’m usually first in the door so I’ll ensure that all of our internal systems are working correctly and are ready for everyone to arrive at their workstations. This also means that I’ll be the main point of contact for customers who ring/email into support before everyone else arrives. I also have the responsibility of looking after the network until the senior management come in.

B: Can you tell how us your role will differ from Sam’s?

A: I would say that my role differs from Sam in two main ways. First of all I’ll be the person that customers will see if any engineering is required; I enjoy the opportunity to get out of the office and ‘get my hands dirty’. Also, alongside my colleague Tom, I’m an Out of Hours engineer, so if anybody fancies a chat at 3AM, give me a ring!

B: What is your favourite part of the job?

A: I really enjoy configuring hardware. Whether it be a router, a switch or a telephone handset, I enjoy figuring the system out rather than just the functionality. It also feels pretty good when a customer rings you from a phone that you worked hard to configure.
The technical team are also a big part of why I enjoy work, we work closely as a team to solve problems and learn from each other.

B: To finish, what is one thing about you that we may not know?

A: As much as the others may dispute this, I am, without a shadow of doubt, the current, reigning and undisputed FIFA champion of Stream Networks.

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