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Another Friday has rolled around and it’s time for the third in the series of ‘A day in the life of..’ Today we look at the Accounts Team and Allison McKie.

BP: Hi Allison, what is the first thing you’ll do of a morning?
AM: The first thing I’ll do is log into our online banking system to check any credits or debit that have occurred overnight. The development of online banking in the last few years has made my role easier as I can do everything from my computer, no more queueing in banks!

I also handle any cancellations so I will check the cancellations portal as well.

BP: Are there any tasks that you complete on a daily basis?
AM: I’m always raising invoices, emailing invoices and liaising with customers if they have any queries with their accounts. I also work closely with the provisioning and sales team so I know of any new customers that need engaging with in regards to a new account.

BP: Have you always worked in accounts?
AM: I have indeed. My first job out of school was a part of the accounts team for a scientific equipment company. I then moved onto a Refrigeration/Air Conditioning business before going onto an IT Distributor. Then I found my way into Telecoms and have been there ever since.

BP: What’s your favourite part of your job?
AM: I enjoy the fact that I get to communicate with all different parts of the company which always keeps me on my toes. Instead of just being given a piece of paper with a name on it to invoice, colleagues will let me know what is going and when. This gives me a better understanding of the business as a whole rather than just my role.

BP: To finish up; what’s one thing about you that our customers may not know?
AM: I’m an avid netball player, I play multiple times a week and absolutely love it. My favourite position is Goalkeeper although I do enjoy the odd game at as Goal Shooter. Every Saturday morning I’ll be found on the netball court.

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