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Why should you use a Business Communications Provider?

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Over the past few days the telecoms industry has been hit with some negative press. Complaints of price rises and lack of support have been widespread. Which? have conducted a survey of customers of 100 household name companies on staff knowledge, ability to deal with problems and how valued they feel. Three of the bottom five performing companies were from the Telecoms industry, this has been described by a Which? representative as a ‘worrying trend’.

Here at Stream we acknowledge that issues do exist and that the industry isn’t perfect, but many of these articles and surveys are about the larger organisations. The problems these articles detail are issues that smaller Business Communications Providers focus on preventing.

The following are ways that a dedicated Business Communications Provider (BCP) can help you ensure that the reported problems can be avoided:

•Price Hikes – One of the biggest issues recently has been the hike in price for line rental. A good Business Communications Provider will have clear terms in their contract as to whether or not they can do this and will be open with you from the start. One thing that Stream Networks can boast is that we have always honoured contracts and have never passed on price increases to our customer mid contract.

•Business Operations Focus – A B2B communications provider will have one primary focus, serving their customers and keeping them happy. The way that they will do is to provide a product as advertised and at a price that offers value for money. Also, networks will be monitored to ensure that no over-subscription occurs as a result of capacity planning.

•Transparency – The terms of the contract will be clearly laid out so you know exactly what you are getting. Also a B2B communications provider will have a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) that their service is subject too. If an SLA is not met customers will be compensated in accordance with the contract they signed. Not only will there be clear paths for you to follow for a lack of service, but there will also be minimum speeds that your circuit must reach.

•Support – One of the strongest elements of the Stream portfolio is that we offer 24/7 support that is based solely within the UK. Most, if not all, Business Communications Providers will be the same. As an end user you can build a relationship with the personnel of your provider rather than just being an account number. There will be a clear escalation process and you will be dealing with people and names that you already know.

•Price – With a dedicated B2B provider, the price will be the price. You won’t have to take out an extraordinary TV package to get a good deal on broadband, nor will you have to pay 12 months line rental up front for a small percentage reduction. The pricing structure will be clear, concise and easy to understand. There won’t be any ‘gimme’ offers – you’ll get the services you need for your business.

If you want to discuss this further and find out how we can help you, please feel free to contact us

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