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Blog: What can a Cloud Virtual Server actually do?

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So you’ve heard all about how great the Cloud is. You’ve read endless amounts of social media posts and blogs detailing how “you are being left behind” and “how the cloud can save your business money” but you still aren’t sure what you can actually use it for.

Good news – you are not alone.

Better news – this blog will detail exactly how you can “finally” adopt Cloud technologies and relate it back to your office.

Backing up your systems

Whilst backup might seem like a “does what it says on the tin” subject, there is actually so much more to think about.

The first thing you need to consider is how often you need to be backing up your data. A lot of offices might think that doing a full system backup using a USB drive is a suitable solution, but what they fail to consider is all the data they could lose between backups.

Let’s say you backup data every evening at 18:00. What happens if your system crashes at 16:30? You will have lost any data changes that took place since 18:00 the previous evening. This could result in you losing crucial data and having to repeat critical tasks.

With a cloud backup, you can remotely set backup schedules to backup data exactly when your business needs it. What’s more; when using the Stream cloud backup solution, our service will only look for any changes made instead of backing up the whole system every time – a great time saver and a much more efficient backup service.

Running a virtual desktop

If you aren’t using the Cloud already; all the files on your computer will either be stored directly on the computer, or on a physical server which is hosted within your offices. The downside of this; you only have access when you’re in the office or from a location where you have a VPN setup (a private connection between two sites). With a Cloud virtual server, your systems are securely accessible to you from anywhere an internet connection is present, this could be your local coffee shop between meetings, from the comfort of your sofa to catch up with emails of an evening, or even on the train to maximise time spent on your commute. Cloud ensures location restrictions are an issue of the past.

Host applications and websites

Have you ever been trying to connect to an app or a website on your phone and received an error message detailing that “the host server cannot be found” or “there was an error connecting you to the server, please try again”? Frustrating right? This will happen because the demand for the server is outweighing the resources available. The good news is that if the owners/developers are using Cloud servers to host an upgrade can be actioned in a few clicks of a button, with an upgraded server available in a matter of seconds.

So there you have it. The possibilities a Cloud Virtual Server can present to your business are endless.

If you want to explore the Cloud, please drop us a line on 01635 884170 or sales@stream-networks.co.uk

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