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Blog: Top tips for office security!

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Take a look around your office, how many devices are connected to the internet? Let’s scale it down – how many devices on your desk are connected to the internet? A laptop? A computer? Desk Phone? Mobile Phone? Tablet? All these devices are a potential entry point for a hacker to access your network, which means it is imperative for you to ensure that office security is a priority!

Below, we present 5 top tips to ensure your office and network is as secure as possible!

Top Tips

  1. Educate your users:
    It can be argued that the most vulnerable point of any network is its users. You can spend an infinite amount of money protecting your network with specialist software or devices, but all it takes is a lapse in concentration from a member of staff and your network can be compromised.

    To combat this; you should organise regular sessions which educate your staff on how to stay safe. This could include simple elements such as identifying a phishing email from a legitimate one. You could send out custom-made phishing emails to all staff and see who interacts with it – you now have a list of users who need extra training.

  2. Enforce a strict password policy:
    Passwords exist to keep unwanted visitors out of your accounts, so make sure you are doing everything you can to keep them out by implementing a thorough password policy. You need to ensure your users are not using the same password for every account, you need to ensure each password they use are meeting strict parameters and you need to ensure these passwords are being updated regularly.

  3. Invest in a firewall:
    A firewall will block unauthorised access to your network and its devices. Quite simply it keeps the “bad guys” out. A good firewall will control what the users on your network can access, ensuring they cannot access any unauthorised websites, helping them stay safe online. Also, with the continued evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) there are more devices than ever on networks, and not all of them have built-in security measures, a firewall will prevent access to these devices.

  4. Stop clicking postpone on automatic updates:
    Yes, automatic updates are a bit of a nuisance, and there is a long-held feeling that updates can slow your system down. But you have to remember that they are there for a reason. They ensure any protection that you have keeps you safe from the latest threats. If you feel they do slow your system down, schedule them for overnight when it won’t have any impact on performance. Don’t forget to update the firmware on devices either!

  5. Backup, backup, backup!
    The best bet to make sure your systems are as safe as possible and always available when you need them? Implement a regular backup strategy and make sure you stick to it.

If you are looking for help in keeping your office safe online, we can help. Whether it’s a simple health check of your systems, or your looking to upgrade your network; we can help.

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