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Five Benefits of Hosted Telephony

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In the UK the old ISDN network is being switched off in 2025 so businesses of all shapes and sizes will have to embrace Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls by then. Many organisations are taking advantage of moving to an internet-based hosted telephony solution today, in advance of the big switch off date so they are fully prepared.

Although it might sound like hassle and many businesses tend to leave everything until you really must however, there are many benefits to moving from your old PSTN or ISDN system in advance, here are some of the benefits.

Hosted Telephony is great for homeworkers

With the changes enforced on many businesses due to the impact of the covid pandemic, many businesses are embracing and continuing with flexible working practises. Hosted Telephony VoIP communications let employees take their work phone number wherever they go. Using softphones on PC’s and VOIP Apps for smartphones saves on telephone equipment costs and gives employees access to the corporate phone system and call handling features wherever they are located.

In addition, if you integrate your Hosted Telephony solution with a Unified Communications platform, which delivers video, chat and conferencing, your workforce can take the office home.  Unified Communications deliver a range of collaboration tools for anyone with an Internet connection.

Hosted Telephony reduces complexity and system maintenance

Implementing a Hosted Telephony solution for your business can benefit you by delivering both your Voice and Data over the same network. Rather, than having two lines one for your telephone and one for your data, VOIP simplifies your infrastructure and saves you costs on maintenance and administration for handsets and physical infrastructure (PBX’s) as these elements are delivered within a monthly service cost.

Hosted Telephony is flexible

With Hosted Telephony you can scale up or down your voice service depending on seasonal changes within your business as Hosted Telephony is provided on a cost per user model. A Hosted Voice solution also enables businesses to say goodbye to expensive on-premises infrastructure entirely as handsets are delivered within the monthly user costs and physical PBX infrastructure is delivered from the cloud. For organisations that have recently invested in physical PBX hardware the switch to an IP based system is still possible by choosing a solution such as SIP trunking that you can combine with your existing system, but route calls over the internet.

Hosted Telephony is cost-effective

Typically, with old PSTN and ISDN system’s telecoms providers often charge you for every call you make.  With a Hosted Telephone system call charges are bundled within the per monthly user charges.  At Stream we offer our customers 5000 minutes to UK Local, National and Mobile calls per month, per user, delivering considerable costs savings over ISDN.

Choosing the right Hosted Telephony platform for your business.

As you can see there are a whole range of benefits for switching from ISDN or PSTN to an VoIP or Hosted Telephony service. However, a note of caution not all Hosted Telephony, SIP and VoIP services are the same. To ensure you get the right system for your business make sure your do your homework and engage with the right business provider to ensure you get the right solution that matches your needs.

That’s where Stream Networks come in. We offer a full range of Hosted telephony, UC and VoIP solutions, covering the requirements of every organisation whether you are an SME, Solicitors, Charity, Accountant or public sector organisation. We can also advise you on the connectivity and infrastructure you need to ensure your Hosted VoIP solution delivers crystal clear calls.

With a Hosted Telephony solution from Stream Networks, you don’t have to take a one-size-fits-all service and hope for the best. If you’re an SME a looking to replace their old PSTN or ISDN2 BT business system, then our Voice Express service bundled with a reliable Stream broadband may be the best fit. If you’re a larger organisation the flexibility of our Hosted Centrex or SIP Trunking service that combines sophisticated call handling features and UC compatibility, could give you a competitive edge. The great thing about Streams range of VoIP services is that you can upgrade features or migrate between our systems with ease.

So in summary whether you want a basic small business service or something that delivers enterprise grade telephony and Unified Communications features with integration into CRM’s systems and 3rd party applications the benefits of moving to an IP telephony now far outweigh the inconvenience of switching from ISDN. That’s why many businesses are acting now, rather than waiting until 2025. If you want to start enjoying the benefits of an agile, flexible, and cost-effective Hosted Telephony service ahead of your competitors, don’t hesitate to get in touch by telephone to 01635 884170 or by completing the contact form below.

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