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What Is Hardware As A Service

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What Is Hardware As A Service?

Hardware As A Service (HAAS) is a business model where technology and IT hardware are delivered as a managed service on a monthly fee basis. Similar to leasing where instead of buying new equipment outright as a capital expense you rent the underlying hardware from a managed service provider although in a Hardware As A Service model the IT equipment belongs to the MSP.

What Are The Benefits of HAAS?

The main advantages to a HAAS model are;

Latest Technology

you gain access to the latest technology for a monthly payment with the added benefit that your managed service provider will deliver additional services such as IT support, Service Level Agreements and monitoring within your service fee.


Obsolescence also becomes a thing of the past as HAAS enables you to switch out and upgrade obsolete IT equipment to the latest model. This ensures you benefit from the latest in Cybersecurity by ensuring your critical computer hardware and IT Infrastructure remains up to date.


When growing any business scalability is key to ensure you have the right infrastructure for business needs. With a HAAS service solution, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your computing power paying a higher or lower monthly fee depending on the infrastructure consumed.

Good For Cashflow

As there is no CAPEX, initial outlay or upfront costs required for new equipment you can easily budget for your monthly IT operating expense on a pay as you-go basis which is good for predicting cashflow and profitability especially for new startup businesses.

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What Are The Disadvantages to HAAS?

The main disadvantage to HAAS is that you do not own the IT equipment outright. As a result, be sure to ensure your contracts with your MSP are watertight as any non-payment for the equipment used can lead to equipment being turned off.

What IT Infrastructure Can Be Ordered As Hardware As A Service?

Nearly all IT infrastructure can now be delivered as a HAAS solution from Laptops, Firewalls, Servers, Wireless Infrastructure to Switches, PC’s, and Data center infrastructure. Stream Networks work with all the major IT Vendors from WatchGuard Technologies to Juniper and Dell to deliver Hardware As A service.

What Is The Difference Between SAAS and HAAS?

SAAS refers to Software As A Service where software applications are delivered on a monthly service solution uncoupled from the underlying hardware. Think Microsoft O365 and Amazon cloud computing services. Hardware As A Service is where you pay for the underlying hardware and operating system the hardware runs on.

How Much Does HAAS Cost?

HAAS Pricing will all depend on the hardware consumed and the IT services provided with the HAAS solution. Stream Networks deliver HAAS services as a hardware rental only to a full managed service with guaranteed SLA’s where 24x7x365 network monitoring, patch management, advanced hardware replacement and change requests are also included in the monthly service fee.

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