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What is Spam? Do you have a Spam policy?

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Spam is unsolicited commercial e-mail; usually offering personal services, cut-price loans, insurance, diplomas, etc. We have recently put Spam filters in place on two of our mail servers, and – based on the numbers of mails stopped and quarantined – can reveal that one third of all e-mail sent to users on those servers is Spam; we are doing everything we can to combat the abuse of our customer’s e-mail addresses by one of the primary problems on the Internet today.

Stream Networks also take a very dim view of customers using our facilities to send Spam; user accounts identified as originating Spam will be closed without notice. Where Spam appears to be originating within an ADSL customer’s network, we will try to assist in locating the source of your problem. If you are concerned about Spam apparently originating from within our network, please e-mail abuse@adastreamnet.co.uk

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