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Month: August 2016

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How we use the Cloud in everyday life

When I meet someone new, or I’m talking to my friends about what it is I do for a job, I will always have a split second pause before deciding how much detail to give them. This pause is to give me time to decide to what extent I detail what Cloud Computing is. See,…
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Wired v Wireless Connection

One of the most common support queries we receive is customers complaining about a lack of speed on their internet. A common theme between these complaints – user devices connected over WiFi. Whilst Wifi is a wonderful thing and is something that we all depend on in everyday life, it is not the most business…
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How Brexit will affect the UK Cloud Industry

Now the dust is (slowly) starting to settle down on the UK public’s decision to exit the European Union, we wanted to determine if there were any positive effects that it could have on the UK Cloud Industry. Consistent monthly billing Since Brexit occurred, the British Pound to American Dollar conversion ate has nosedived, meaning…
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