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A day in the life of..

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Todays blog is going to be the first in a series giving you an insight into life at Stream Networks, we’ll look at the different departments and individuals that make up Team Stream and find out what exactly it is that they do.

We kick-off with Sam, a member of the Technical Team here at Stream.

B: So Sam, what’s the first thing that you do when you sit down in the morning?

S: Well, once I’ve had my morning Cup of Tea to get the day kick-started, I’ll check any tickets that have come in overnight and make sure they are being actioned. Then I’ll look at the reports from any backups or other activities that were scheduled to take place over night to check that everything is as it should be.

B: What’s next?

S: Throughout the day I’ll be handling any incoming calls and taking the appropriate actions. Also, one of the first things I load up in the morning is our Cloud Management Portal. From here I can proactively monitor everything that’s happening across the cloud platform.

B: How often are you building kit or taking something apart?

S: It all depends really, no two days look the same. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with our Test Server so my trusty screwdriver has been earning its keep. Throughout the course of a week all the team with their head in router configurations which keeps us busy.

B: Are they any tasks that are done on a daily basis?

S: Alongside manning the phones, the most important element of my job is the monitoring of our network, we’re only as good as the performance of our network, so we’re constantly making sure that uptime is maximised. As a team, we have a plan of what each of us will be doing every day and we work closely together to ensure everything is completed on-time if not before.

B: Great! Now we know the job, how about one fact about Sam that our readers might not know?

S: One thing about me? I’m sure everyone in office will tell you this, but I’ll never be seen in a matching pair of socks – it goes against everything I believe in!!

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