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A Day In The Life Of Riley

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Following on from last week’s talk with Sam of the technical team, today we are in the sales department to introduce Byron Riley to the world.

BP: Hi Byron, I’m going to start this conversation by asking the same question that I asked Sam, what is the first thing you do upon arrival at Stream HQ?
BR: My routine is to log on to my email and respond to any incoming emails, from there I’ll go to our CRM and check my “To-Do” list so I’ve got an idea of what I’ll be doing for the day firmly in my mind. At the moment, I’ll also log on to the SUPERFAST BRITAIN website to check if there have been any registrations of interest overnight.

Once I’ve carried out these tasks, I’ll then start to work through my “To-Do” list before the day all too quickly disappears.

BP: How long have you worked in the telecoms industry and what has made you stick around?
BR: I’ve been in the industry for nearly a decade now, although I did take a break when I moved to Australia for a year. I guess the biggest reason I’ve stuck around is that the industry is always advancing, just look at the roll out of Fibre Optic Broadband. I’m constantly having to learn new technology which challenges me.

BP: Having worked in the telecoms industry for a while, what would you say is different about your role at Stream?
BR: My favourite element of the job is that I get to build relationships with customers and guide them through the process. Instead of passing them from colleague to colleague, I have the freedom to guide them from inception to implementation and beyond. I really do enjoy account management and get real job satisfaction from interacting with all kinds of different people.

Also, with Stream being such a tight knit community, it allows me to learn from my fellow colleagues. Not only do I know the name of everyone at Stream, I can easily approach them with any questions to help my understanding of the technology.

BR: Thanks Byron, to finish, name one thing about you that our customers might not know.
BR: My English teacher was Jim “Deadline Day” Whites’ sister, for those of you who don’t know, he’s one of the presenters on Sky Sports News and is known for enthusiastic presenting of their transfer deadline day coverage. I found this out when I won a competition to meet Jim and watch my beloved AFC Bournemouth earlier this year.

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