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Blog: Top tips for office security!

Take a look around your office, how many devices are connected to the internet? Let’s scale it down – how many devices on your desk are connected to the internet? A laptop? A computer? Desk Phone? Mobile Phone? Tablet? All these devices are a potential entry point for a hacker to access your network, which…
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Free Cloud Resources for NHS, Medical Manufacturers and other front line industry

To support the fight against COVID-19, Stream Networks are offering all organisations who are working on the frontline against the pandemic free Cloud resources for up to 12 months. Whether you are an NHS Trust, a manufacturer of ventilators or other key medical equipment or a key supplier of PPE, if you need to scale…
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No more Openreach appointments – does this mean businesses are stuck paying over the odds?

With Openreach confirming that they will no longer be attending site (with some exclusions) due to social distancing rules, many businesses are facing difficult decisions, and ones that they might not truly understand. We wanted to answer some key questions these businesses may be asking themselves at this difficult time. I’m looking to cut costs…
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Unlimited Mobile Broadband

With the understandable news in from Openreach postponing site visits until 01/06, and with other full-fibre providers following suit, there has naturally been some concern that customers could be left without broadband. With this in mind, we wanted to ensure you were aware that alongside fixed-line connectivity, Stream is a leading supplier of mobile broadband.…
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Free Video Conferencing

To help our customers with working from home we have put together a free web conferencing platform based on the secure opensource platform JITSI.  The web conferencing facility https://meet.stream.net.uk is hosted on our enterprise cloud infrastructure located in secure UK datacentres.  We actually think JITSI in some ways works better than Zoom, not only because…
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Coronavirus – A message from Stream Networks

Good Afternoon, We are writing to inform you of the actions already taken by Stream Networks to allow us to continue to work through the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Our top priority remains the safety and welfare of our employees while maintaining the high level of customer service that is at the core of everything we…
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