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Broadband Speed Guarantee

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Broadband Speed Guarantee

What is Ofcom’s voluntary code of conduct for broadband speeds?

In 2018 Ofcom the regulatory body for telecommunications providers in the United Kingdom issued a voluntary code of practice relating to minimum guaranteed Internet speeds for consumers and small businesses offering protection against Internet Service Providers miss selling Internet speeds.

The code of practice is as it says voluntary and details what protection small businesses and consumers are entitled to if their broadband connection is slower than what was quoted by the provider when the customer signed up to the service.

In short broadband providers signed up to the code of practice will:

show clear and realistic estimated line speed information before you buy a broadband connection and provide a minimum guaranteed download speed for your broadband connection.

Will allow you to report a fault if you think you have a slow broadband connection and your broadband services minimum guaranteed download speed isn’t being achieved.

If the broadband service provided can’t provide your minimum guaranteed download speed 30 days after your report the issue, they may allow you to exit your contract/subscription early without penalty but please ensure you check your broadband contract for details.

Who is currently signed up to Ofcom’s Voluntary Code

The providers who are currently signed up to the code of conduct are.

Home Broadband / Residential

  • BT
  • EE
  • NOW Broadband
  • PlusNet
  • Sky
  • TalkTalk
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Virgin Media
  • Zen Internet (joined in 2021)

Business Broadband

  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • Virgin Media

Does Stream Networks offer a Broadband speed guarantee?

As a provider of small business broadband packages Stream Networks pass on the minimum speed guarantees we are provided by our wholesale providers that use the Openreach network to deliver services.

We also advertise typical average speeds that can be achieved on each of our service offerings as we not only provide BT Openreach services, but new full fibre broadband from providers such as CityFibre.

Our average download and upload speed estimates can be located on our retail fullfibrebroadband.com website and actual speed estimates are displayed on our broadband checker before ordering.

How can I get details on my minimum speed guarantee?

Check with your service provider. Broadband providers that have signed up to the code of practice should inform you before you sign up what the minimum guaranteed speed is.

An estimated speed will be provided to you advertising the maximum speed and guaranteed minimum speed achievable for your connection.

The minimum download speed guarantee will cover you against peak time traffic where a network gets busy or contended.

Get a super-fast broadband connection for your business

Use our availability checker to check for full fibre broadband in your area

Is WiFi covered under the minimum speed guarantee?

WiFi is not covered for guaranteed speeds under the voluntary code of conduct as WiFi functionality in a home or business premises can be affected by walls and signal interference.

How can I prove that my minimum speed is not being achieved?

Proving that your Internet connection speed is not being achieved can be tricky. First, you should report a fault with your Internet provider and provide them evidence of speed tests showing the broadband speed is less than the minimum guarantee.

You should ensure that when taking a speed test, no other users are connected to your broadband router directly via an Ethernet connection or over the WiFi. Other users connected to your broadband connection could be downloading large files at the same time you are testing which will affect the bandwidth available and test results.

Stream Networks would advise using speed test sites such as www.speedtest.net or https://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest

Once you have logged the fault with your provider, they will run a line test which will show the line synch speed and it is typically the line synch speed that the provider will use as the minimum guaranteed speed.

If you would like further information on Stream Networks superfast broadband deals, please visit our retail small business broadband site at https://fullfibrebroadband.com to check for availability, call us on 01635 884170, open a live chat or fill out the contact form below.

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