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How To Change Ring Tones Based On Caller ID

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How to change the ring tone of your VoiceStream BT Cloud VOIP Desk Phone based on caller ID

You can change the ringtone of your IP handset through the VoiceStream Business Portal user configuration screen.

There are some limitations as you can only add up to 12 numbers per rule and you cant choose the ring tone. The system will automatically configure a different ring tone to the normal ring tone your phone receives.

To change the ring tone in the business portal go into the “Users” section and edit the user you want to amend.

In the next screen click on features

Scroll down to distinctive ring and click on edit

On the next screen click on Add rule

Next name the rule – choose schedule – and click continue.

Next choose selected phone numbers and add in the numbers.  If you have more than 12 numbers then just add another rule in for the extra numbers and save the rule

If you now call your desk phone from one of the selected numbers you will see that the ring tone differs to your standard ring.

If you required any further assistance on any of the VoiceStream BT Cloud Features please contact support on 01635884170 or email support@stream-networks.co.uk

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