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What Is Multi SIM?

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What is a multi sim

What is Multi SIM?

A multi SIM refers to a networking approach to IoT (Internet of Things) projects where you connect to different networks either using a single physical SIM card (Multi Network SIM Card) that allows you to access different networks providers on one SIM card or by deploying dual SIMs in an IoT router that allows for dual SIM connectivity with a single network provider on each SIM card

Multi Network SIM Benefits (Multi Network Sim Card)

A Multi Network SIM approach to connectivity also referred to in some cases as an ESIM (Electronic SIM) allows you to connect to multiple networks from a single physical SIM card. It’s a great solution where you are deploying devices in the field, and you need to ensure access you have Internet Access. With a multi network ESIM the SIM card automatically connects to the best network. We refer to this capability as an un-steered network SIM e.g., it connects to the best network based on the strongest mobile network wherever the device is located.

Please see our page of multi-network sims

Dual SIM Card Routers Router Benefits (Multi-SIM Devices)

With a Dual SIM Card / multi-SIM card IoT Router you install two SIM cards in the router and configure the device as a dual SIM single standby configuration e.g., the router connects on the first SIM slot and if that fails it will connect on the 2nd SIM or connect in a dual SIM dual active configuration where both SIMs are connected and the data aggregated over the different networks.

To provide exceptional failover and dual SIM dual standby connectivity you could consider installing two multi-network SIM cards into a device to give you added functionality and resilience.

With Stream Networks un-steered multi network SIM cards we can deliver different networks on different SIM cards e.g., 3 providers on one SIM card and 3 different providers on the second SIM.

If you need help or advice on your IoT deployment and choosing the right router, please visit our router page for further advice. We supply a range of routers that support 5G, 4G LTE, with Dual SIM capability, WiFi connectivity and a wide range of transceiver compatibility.

Multi SIM FAQ’s

What Mobile signals are supported on a Multi Network SIM?

We support 5G, 4G LTE, and GSM on our Multi Network SIM Cards

Do you get different mobile numbers for each network on a Multi Network SIM?

You get a single mobile phone number on a Multi Network SIM

What devices support Dual SIM’s?

You need to check each individual device to see if it supports dual SIM capability. A lot of mobile phones such as iPhones are now dual SIM phones allowing you to switch between networks on one device however, iPads, smartwatches, laptops and other mobile devices may not support dual SIM capability.

Do multi network SIM’s support sms?

Yes you can use all the normal features on a multi network SIM including sms

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