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Why is AOL blocking my email?

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The answer is Spammers are crafty, they look for ways to send their junk e-mail by way of other mail servers or e-mail addresses. In doing so, they can send e-mail without revealing their identities, enabling them to continue this abusive behaviour.

In many cases, when ISPs trace back these messages to identify the offender, they find these addresses associated with a certain computer (identified by an IP address) that may not be the offending party.

To protect their customers and their network, ISPs take certain actions that in some cases cause legitimate e-mail to be blocked temporarily.

AOL system computers review these complaints and identify the computer on the Internet that appears to be responsible for sending spam to their customers.

If they receive enough complaints about one computer, the AOL system automatically places a temporary block on that computer, preventing other AOL customers from receiving messages from that same computer.

Stream Networks Internet has worked with the AOL Postmaster department and has been able to have all Stream Networks’s mail servers added to the AOL “ISP white list,” meaning AOL will allow mail from these servers to pass through to their customers.

Unfortunately, this does not protect Stream Networks from automatic blocks due to spam complaints from AOL customers.

To help reduce the likelihood of our servers being blocked, Stream Networks manually monitors its mail servers for abusive behaviour 24×7.

Stream Networks has also taken numerous steps to secure our servers from abuse and to detect and stop any abuse that may occur.

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