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Month: April 2015

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What Spam Blacklists does Stream Networks Internet Use?

Stream Networks operates a UK Mirror for SpamCop, and we also use the RBL lists from spamhaus.org. We also offer a managed email filtering service StreamNET MailScan.

What is Spam? Do you have a Spam policy?

Spam is unsolicited commercial e-mail; usually offering personal services, cut-price loans, insurance, diplomas, etc. We have recently put Spam filters in place on two of our mail servers, and – based on the numbers of mails stopped and quarantined – can reveal that one third of all e-mail sent to users on those servers is…
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What should my username be?

Your username is usually your full e-mail address – for example someone@adastreamnet.co.uk

Why is AOL blocking my email?

The answer is Spammers are crafty, they look for ways to send their junk e-mail by way of other mail servers or e-mail addresses. In doing so, they can send e-mail without revealing their identities, enabling them to continue this abusive behaviour. In many cases, when ISPs trace back these messages to identify the offender,…
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