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No more Openreach appointments – does this mean businesses are stuck paying over the odds?

With Openreach confirming that they will no longer be attending site (with some exclusions) due to social distancing rules, many businesses are facing difficult decisions, and ones that they might not truly understand. We wanted to answer some key questions these businesses may be asking themselves at this difficult time. I’m looking to cut costs…
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Coronavirus – A message from Stream Networks

Good Afternoon, We are writing to inform you of the actions already taken by Stream Networks to allow us to continue to work through the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Our top priority remains the safety and welfare of our employees while maintaining the high level of customer service that is at the core of everything we…
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IoT in the Retail industry

The ascension of mobile broadband has seen the Internet of Things revolutionise several industries. One industry that has seen vast changes is retail. In this blog, we explore how the retail industry has embraced the Internet of Things to improve the consumer experience and the efficiency in which their shops are run. Measuring customer behaviour…
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Blog: What can a Cloud Virtual Server actually do?

So you’ve heard all about how great the Cloud is. You’ve read endless amounts of social media posts and blogs detailing how “you are being left behind” and “how the cloud can save your business money” but you still aren’t sure what you can actually use it for. Good news – you are not alone.…
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5G threat to fixed line

Will 5G will be a threat to fixed line broadband and Ethernet connectivity for SME’s? We think so! 5G coverage within the UK is on the horizon, with a theoretical throughput of 10Gbs and latency of 1-2ms once the network is fully deployed and mature, 5G will have a greatly enhanced reliability and network reach…
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